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Gahhhh ! [29 Nov 2005|07:11pm]

Dear Livejournal,

I have not talked to you in a very very long time. So now I am. My Thanksgiving was very very good. Wensday I didn't have school so me and emily went shopping, we went to the mall but didn't like it so we left, we went to target instead where i got 83453845 things for a dollar each. After that we went bowling becasue it was Casey's birthday.I did really bad but its okay. I have decided that bowling is my new favorite thing becasue the boy there never makes us pay. Thursday was Thanksgiving, it was okay, the food was really good though. Friday I did homework all day and then went out to eat, we saw 353945975834 people we knew including caryn :) Saturday I had to clean my room but then Grace called me and saved me we went on a nice little adventure...she made me do hard labour but then I got to drive where i was very bad and almost got us killed but it was the best time of my life. After that I went to kaylas house...it was very nice to see everyone again. That night i went to see Harry Potter,me and ron are going to get married and make lots of red haired children. Sunday I don't remeber what I did. This week has been stressful and its only tuesday :(

That is all

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[11 Sep 2005|08:25pm]
[ mood | awake ]

First off, i really really really love the downtown 5K. I love free goodie bags and t-shirts. I also love writing on myslef with marker, btw the im hott on my right arm is still there, and meeting irish boys with accents that go out drinking after races and say that the women here are wonderful. I also love when rachel and i hold hands at the end of the races and when we run through flower beds.

I also love katie gills house alot alot, excpet when im awoken by mr. gill chopping his arm off and katie has to go to the hospital while patrick and I eat cheese nips and watch cartoons for hours.

This entry really has no point, excpet saying i love charlies angels, cross country and bethani.

p.s someone needs to help me with a myspace.

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[06 Sep 2005|08:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Now that school is started i must talk about the lovely summer i had and thank it for all its good times.

Thank You All-Star for once again taking up most of my summer. Thank You for hottie coach's and dance party's in abbys car and going out to eat where there's karaoke and for all of us look so hott in our uniforms. P.S i heard a rumor were getting sweatshirts ?!?

Thank You to Camp Foss aka the best week ever. Thank you to the lake for being lake like with the big rock in the middle. Thank you to Grace and canoes because without the two of you we would have not gotten an award and would not have made huge fools of ourselfs in front of the whole camp. Thank you to merman for being so strange and having random concerts. Thank you to Audrey who now thinks im the weirdest person ever and was the best counseler in the world and for telling scary stories. Thank you again to Grace for drawing the whole cabin with me and making fun of my ponytails. Thank you to Napolean for being you. Thank You Cross Country Team.

Thank you to Casey and Taylor and for your beach house. Thank You to surf boards and ice cream and really gross dough boys.

Thank You to the rest of summer... you might have been the best.

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[20 Jul 2005|11:03am]
[ mood | happy ]

since everyone is yelling at me to update thats what I will do.

Sunday was our first softball game, we won 8-5 yay !! i got hit and walked so it was very boring for me, but i had a fun time.

yesterday we had our game, well not really. we played one inning and then it rained so we stopped and we had a dance party in abbys car instead. We all went to applebees after the game and sang karaoke, jared and i had a contest to see who's drawing was better, I obviously won. we all also learned how to fight so we could beat up randy's ex girlfriend. I had so much fun, we were all going to sleep over abby's but then we couldn't. :( Now we have our game tonight ewww.

Today i had a group run, it was pretty easy but it was really hott and now its still really hott out. ugh.

my ipod finally came too, but its confusing to put the songs on.

I really love the all-star team alot alot.

Dawson's Creek is on so i must go.

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[03 Jul 2005|02:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Thursday we had practice in the morning and then we went to taylor's for breakfast and it was her birthday. We talked about furby's and people of other nationalitys and how we wanted to have sex with jesus. We also watched dawson's <33 Then we brought abby home , she is now gone to california for two weeks. i miss her.

Then at night we went to the drive-in me taylor and bethani couldn't find the team at first but then we did. We went to see the longest yard, it was good, we screamed at the lady who gave us our ticket and we found out that dan is ghetto, and we saw a deer on the way home. it was so much fun. <333

Friday i woke up for practice but we didn;t have any so i went back to sleep. Then i went to the mall and got a mew bathing suit yayyy.
Saturday i went to the beach <333 it was pretty nice except the water was a billion below zero.

Tonight i am going to the pawsox to see fireworks !!!

<3 mollie

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[25 Jun 2005|11:03pm]
yesterday i went to a golf tournament. It was lots of fun, my dad popped his coller and made fun of a man in pink pants.

Yesterdy i also had my softball game ..ewww we lost. o well all stars is still here <333

Today i had practice it was like a billion degrees outside. We did like a billion grounders and mr.O was there ewwww. I got home and threw up it was gross.

i went out to lunch today too. Grace and emily picked me up !!!! we went to the creamry and then we drove through the cemetary and all around while balsting loud music.

I also had courtney's party today !!!! It was so much fun. i went there and ate and then we decieded to play batmitten. It took us a billion hours to get the net down and nails went everywhere when we did. Then kayla and i undid the whole stupid net no thanks to dumb travis. Then we played kayla and I schooled Travis and Courtney like a billion to nothing. The we played three on one where Travis was a monster and beat us...twice. Then we went swimming but the pool was like 94388549 below zero so we got out. Then mommy came to pick me and we went to waterfire and now i am home.

i had such a wonderful day <33333

abby leaves soon !!! whaaa hooooo just kidding.... im going to miss her alot alot and she better bring me back something!!!


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[23 Jun 2005|10:21pm]
Summer is finally here and it has been wonderful so far.

We had steph's going away party which was soooo much fun. We played with the quiji board but it didn't work.

Tuesday was the worst softball game of my life. That is all i have to say, it is on the list of things we don't speak of. Now we have to make it up tomorrow, gayyy !

Today i played tennis, but we stopped after we got poison ivy after going into the woods for all the balls.

I love the all-star team very very much oh and the lj224 club too. And caryn is definitly my teacher.

my sunburn is peeling.

Butchie the dinosaur is lost somewhere in my batbag or garage :(

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[23 May 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]

these past few weekends have been wonderful.

Friday was field day, it was fun I played softball for a really long time and the bouncy house kept deflading and the line was really long for cotton candy and marian beat me in the water baloon toss and madeliene dropped all the water baloons down the stairs.

This weekend I had Katie gills parrty. It was an amazingly wonderful time, we went out to eat and grace and copied me and got the same thing and I made a new friend, shes a fun girl. We then went back to katies and played hoopla and then watched Napolean Dynamite then we talked and then we went to bed.

Saturday we had really long west side practice but it was fun. Then we had a game on sunday we won yay but i almost killed lauren becasue she wasn't looking hehhe.

It is now raining - that reminds me of when me and emily put on tribal make-up and did the rain dance and killed a highlighter for a sacrafice.

Art's and Craft's is coming up ..the painted the lines..im soo excited.

Gracie is going to Ohio on saturday so i must be off and make her a care package.

<3 moooollie

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Another girl with seafoam eyes. [04 May 2005|08:36pm]
Instead of doing my homework tonight i re-read perks of being a wallflower for the billionth time and i now have the incredible urge to watch garden state, almost famous and listen to all sorts of lovely music and go on a road trip.

Summer is coming up and that means the year is almost over.That means I will soon be a 10th grader. This year has gone by so fast and I have nothing really to say for it i have accomplished nothing extremly exciting. i think i need to change a few things this summer im not talking anything huge but just little changes i need to do for myslef.I will wear lots of skirts this summer and read lots of books and dance alot and just notice the little things I always took for granted.

that is all i have for now.

<3 mollie
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[01 May 2005|10:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

i haven't been here in a while.

My April vacation was wonderful. We had Madeleine's birthday which was very very fun, we watched lots of movies including muppets from space and they i also learned how to play pool and ran on the tredmill.

This weekend was very good too. Thursday was Manhatten which was good Phantom of the opera was the best.
Friday i did lots of errands and decided not to go to west side practice and then went to newport creamry and job lot with emily where we made a list of our summer plans and watched family guy.
Satruday i babysat and found out the lady i babysit for is pregnant and then i went over emilys where we watched more family guy and the longest game of trival pursuit ever and we got attached by LEATHER FACE!!!

Now i am here reading about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and watching this thing on house of wax. No bayview practice today yay ! But i have a west side game....ughhh. No school tomorrow, i think im going to breakfast with gracee.

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[22 Mar 2005|06:30pm]

but the funny thing is that grace doesn't even go to tollgate and i don't think bridget even goes to school anymore.
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[21 Mar 2005|06:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]

well it seems i haven't been here in a while so i will update on all that has happened.

On friday we had Bengal Bowl which was good because i didn't embarras myself too much and i got a question right. And then i had the father daughter dance which was a very very good time. I saw everyone and danced the night away.

Saturday I was going to go to the hockey game but then i didn"t. Tennis and softball are definatly back in action. Thats what I did on saturday i played tennis for a billion hours, which was a very fun time as always excpet when some little ten year old started to fight with us. And i made JV softball which is pretty fun excpet when we drop balls and have to do suicides.

Then we tried to make plans for the movies but dumb abby blew us off haha. then we went back to justins and looked at yummy food that we never got to eat.

Saturday night and sunday i can't remember what I did.

and it seems that the school year is semi almost over which is kinda sad but also very exciting. i made a big long list of things i want to do this summer and i bet i won't do any of them but at least i tried.

and i can't wait till cross country. its seems very very far away but maybe its not. On my list of things it to run fast and far. so we will be amazingly wonderful and win states. and i guess people want to go to running camp and im chill with that so its good.

and someone asked me what i wanted to be when i grow up. and really i have no idea at all. i know it seems like a long way away but maye its really not. Its going to be hard for me to pick a college becasue i have a hard time making decisions and i will keeping changing my mind on what my major is. i really couldn't see myself having the most important 4 years of my life planned out becasue i thought i wanted to be a doctor when i was 18 but then when im 20 relize that i really don't want to be one.

and now im done maybe i will start to update more often...or not.


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[02 Mar 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well there nothing much new right now.
i neeed a hair cut realll bad and i would like to dye it very much.

my sister called me mollaboops the other and i was soo happy becasue no one ever calls me that anymore. i started to think of my other nicknames. The name molls or mollster belong to abby and ben murphy because there the first people i remember calling me that.

and i have a funfilled weekend which includes going to all these unknown places in the village and wearing the clothes in emilys basment and a trip to boston on friday.

And saturday was katherines birthday and i didn't get to say happy birthday so i am saying it now....happy birthday !!yay !!

And saturday and tryouts which it dummmbbbbb cuz were all gonna go on a team anywayyy and they saw us last year but anyway abby better be going and if we don't end up on the same team im boycotting.

we had like 4853456 inches of snow (well maybe not) and we still had school dammnnn bay view.

last saturday i went to new york which was very very fun. on the way up i tried to sleep while dad belted out bob dylan. Then we went and saw the gates which were so awesome. Then on the way home me and dad listened to disney music.

maybe i'll post pictures laterrrr

<333 mollie

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[24 Feb 2005|11:15am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I think this is the busiest vacation i have ever had, but maybe the best too.

Friday or Saturday we all went to wal*mart and got very hott shades and necklaces and bracelets. We saw anthony dupre and he was very shy and i think he thought we were stalking him. I also saw my boyfriend again in the cereal place. Then me and tay were walking with the carriage and we knocked over 385398475 baby bottles, then we tried to pick them up with emily and casey standing their laughing and then the sales lady came and told us that she would do it. hahahahaa

Sunday i went to church then watched a movie with my dad then i went to victorias where we watched the lion king then slept over then monday we went to lunch where the lady had a huge ass and then we went to a basketball game and then i slept over again then on tuesday i went to madeleine's and we played who wants to a millionaire and disney trivia. Then we watched shaun on the dead which was sooo funny and where the heart is which was such a lifetime movie.Then i slept over and we played the sims 2.

Today i had the dentist ewwwww and he hurt my teeth real bad. Now i am here and i should be doing homework but i am not.

Princess party tomorrow yayayy !

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[10 Feb 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well last weekend was a smash hit. Friday I had winterball which was a very exciting and fun time i saw mia and kat w/ her weirdo date. then i saw michael and barbara and tara and i talked to the three of them for a while and i only saw casey and taylor for like 1 minute so that stunk. we had to leave our table in the middle of dinner b/c some girl fainted or something and they had firemen and paramedics. But overall it was a verygood time.

Saturday i went to the ep hockey game with courtney. she got lost picking me up but then eventually found my house. It was such an exciting game and there was tonnsss of people there. Ash and lal made an apperance but it got too coold so they left. The game was so so exciting and i got very into it and i was sooooo proud of mr. tavis when he scored the winning goal oh gosh it was amazing except no one would come get popcorn with me and then when i got it kayla ate most of it psshh. Then we went on a wild goose chase trying to find travis and we finally found him right where we started. we weren't supposed to give hugs, just high fives but we did anyway and he said he liked my hat...then we saw steph which was very exciting.

Sunday i went to church then out to breakfast with my dad.Then i had to help my dad move stuff were he was on top of a styrofoam cooler and it broke when he was on top and it was the funniest thing i have ever seen..i think i almost peed my pants. Then i went to victorias for a superbowl parrrrrttyyy ! o man it was soo much fun i don't think i laughed that hard ever in my life.

And yesterday was MY BIRTHDAY !!! YAY it was a very very good day and i got some very nice stuff from my friends and my mom and dad. Yesterday me and dad tried to watch the amazing race but it got cut off :( so we watched this movie seven instead.

and today was good. after school i tried to fix grace's necklace but she didn;t tell me it was broken and now i am home doing nothing and i like it.



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[30 Jan 2005|07:13pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

it was a good weekend i suppose.

Friday i had to babysit but i really wasn't babysitting because the mom was still there and all we did was listen to kidsbop. Then i went to Danny's for his coming home party where i was forced to listen to stories about how warm it was there and how nice the beach was.pshhh.

Saturday i went on an adventure with emily casey and taylor. I was very tuckered out from the festivitys of the night before but all in all in was a good time i got a new jacket and a tie which was made into a very nice belt.Then i went to the early november concert with emily and kim. It was a very good show i must say.

Today i went on an adventure with candy and my mom. We went to ikea in conn. its some furniture outlet thing. i got a new lamp and some basket things it was very fun. Now i am back at home avoiding my homework.

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[28 Jan 2005|04:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

all i have to say is that i had 3 very wonderful snow days. <333333

i think my dog is dying we had to take her to the vet yesterday.
i think im getting sick.
when im nervous i bite my lower lip ......that happened alot today.
and i have a nervous habit of biting on the skin on my nuckles.
and were having a welcome back party for dano a banner and everything you know how we do it.
and i talked to abby today and learned some very not so plesent things about a few of my old classmates.
and i keep having a dream about this long haired boy with tight pants in the supermarket. hes buying produce.
i cannot wait til i have mr. walus i hope he remembers i saw him fall in the hallway.
and the only thing i remember from new years is that we spilt something on a very important paper and had to dry in with a hairdryer and all i did was stand there and laugh.

well um yeah

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[22 Jan 2005|12:42pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Were trying to figure out plans for today but so far nothings happened. I really hope it snows so i can go sledding. Theres no track meet today which sucks.

Well the school week was good except everyone was sick. Had a game wensday and friday we lost both. On thursday i got ice cream w/ steph and hung out in the locker room for a little.

I really need a change..i need to get away for a while ..i'll be just fine after i get away for a little. I need to start doing something creative like taking more pictures or painting and start reading more. and im going to start being really honest.and go to alot more concerts.



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[17 Jan 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

thank god livejournal is back !

On friday i had my basketball game in tiverton we got lost......twice and when we finally get to where were supposed to be (20 minutes late)we find out its at the high school instead of the middle school but we had good bonding time on the bus. then later, me,emily casey and taylor went to the movies. We saw in Good Company it was good except for the ending. We also saw officer Dennis, i thought everyone was pointing to some other guy and i was gonna go say hi to him, but then i relized it wasn't him.

Saturday me,mom and cait went on a college shopping adventure. We went to Hollister were we saw Ash. working. I had to try on about 6830462396 pairs of jeans ..and sadly the short jeans are still too long. Then we went to Sam;s club were i got many free samples.
Then i went to Wal*mart with emily and taylor. i got the snow patrol and met my future husband he has a moahawk and we locked eyes....twice.

Sunday we all went to church. Then me mom and cait went to see JC Supersatr which was very very good, except in the middle the usher said we were on the wrong seats but then i pointed out that the peoples tickets weren't until 6 30 that night...ididots and then we had to explain who mary magdalane was to my sister, i don't know where she was during religion class. Then we left for New York. We stayed in a hotel in Conn. were i got stuck watching law & order instead of the golden globes......gay ! Then we left for FORDHAM we brought all her crap up and they saw cory and trish then we left then we got to mystic and went shopping for a while.

now im back here and guess whos moving back...yes timmy we just get rid of cait and now we have timmy.

ah well thats about it


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[13 Jan 2005|07:47pm]
[ mood | weird ]

You scored as Punk/Rebel.












Drama nerd




Ghetto gangsta


What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com

yeahh so it says im 31 % gansta i knew i had it in me somwhere.
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