silverxlining77 (silverxlining77) wrote,

Another girl with seafoam eyes.

Instead of doing my homework tonight i re-read perks of being a wallflower for the billionth time and i now have the incredible urge to watch garden state, almost famous and listen to all sorts of lovely music and go on a road trip.

Summer is coming up and that means the year is almost over.That means I will soon be a 10th grader. This year has gone by so fast and I have nothing really to say for it i have accomplished nothing extremly exciting. i think i need to change a few things this summer im not talking anything huge but just little changes i need to do for myslef.I will wear lots of skirts this summer and read lots of books and dance alot and just notice the little things I always took for granted.

that is all i have for now.

<3 mollie
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